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On-Demand CISO Consultation 

Small businesses are the highest risk for cyber attacks. How do you stack up? 

Our CISSP and CREST CRT / CPSA certified security experts can provide tailored security advice to ensure you keep your business and your customers safe.


Transparent Insider Expertise 

Our experts are seasoned professionals who leverage their contacts and expertise in the cybersecurity industry to provide your team clear and transparent advice.

Cybersecurity Advice Tailored to You

We focus on getting you exactly what you need, without add-ons and extra services

No Subscription Necessary

We start with a free 30 min consultation where we'll address any cybersecurity questions or concerns you might have. Purchase time blocks each quarter, or schedule when you need it.

Cost-effective Advice on your Schedule

Immediate access to cybersecurity experts with experience across the SMB and SaaS space.

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Proven Excellence and Performance

Luke Marshal, CEO

"We use all of Strontium's services, but their virtual CISO is incredible. They've answered an array of questions with transparency and inside industry knowledge that has saved us time and money." 

Ryan Buckley, General Manager

"Our sales team received a very detailed and complex security review for our product.  Strontium connected us with a experienced CISO who helped walk us through the questions and ultimately land one of our biggest customers."

Bart McDonald, General Manager

"Its impossible to decipher the increasingly complex cybersecurity products and services that are in the market. Strontium gave us perspective on which ones we needed as well as what we didn't need and helped us better secure our product and customer data."