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Military grade Cyber Deception for your Business

Advanced cyber deceptions to detect and track sophisticated adversaries

Simplify the management, update and retirement of deceptive content and minimize the impact on your team and system.



Automated honeyfile generator that uses AI to simulate realistic documents and seed them across your network, providing automated alerts . 

Stand alone Products 

Highly realistic and enticing content for your cyber deceptions.

Simple and Effective Deception and Monitoring

Innovative methods for individuals and businesses to detect and track unauthorized access to their documents and files


AI simulated nodes and users that realistically communicate with each other, letting the adversary believe they are watching your network while they are actually in a sandbox controlled by your team.


Simulates WiFi hotspots that mimic your network and  alert you when someone attempts to access your network or tries to disrupt your communications

Learn how we can leverage deception to protect your Business 

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Hear from teams we've helped

Luke Marshal, CEO

"Strontium gave us an out of the box solution,  that was customized to our specific needsTheir intuitive dashboard gave us complete control of our deception campaigns ."

Donal Tobin, General Manager

"As we've grown, we've seen threats increase. Strontium's TrapDocs platform quickly build a realistic set of honeyfiles, seeded them in our network, and set up simple alerts with low false positives.   We saw immediate results."

John Cross, Technical Lead

"Simple to set-up framework. Strontium created a realistic cyber deception program  across out business network. We saw immediate results, it fooled our seasoned pentesters, and gave us confidence in our other security measures and controls."