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Rapid Blockchain Development at any Scale

Cost effective blockchain technology for enterprise deployments.

Decentralized technology that any software engineer can use on-premise or in the cloud.


Software Engineer

A software development and decentralized application (DApp) platform that lets you work with the Ethereum blockchain using a familiar REST API.

Blockchain for Everyone

Fast and Easy Middleware for Blockchain for the Ethereum and OMG Platforms

Make Blockchain Work for Your Application

Blockchain application server makes it faster and easier to build a decentralized application (DApp) on the Ethereum and OMG Network blockchain platforms.

Blockchain Engineer

Computing gas, wrapping multisig transactions, shifting decimal places, formatting data, providing nodes, and handling chain reorgs are a few of the many things that our product can do for you. With MultiBaas you can focus on building instead of troubleshooting.

Blockchain Enthusiast

Use our application to bring your product to market faster and at lower cost. The application server and control panel make it easier for any software engineering team to use the blockchain. It's enterprise ready for running small, medium, and globally-scaled applications.

The fastest and easiest way to use the Ethereum and OMG Network blockchain platforms.

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